About Us

It all began in the mid 1800s in the Port City of Galle, Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka), with a young M.U.M (Prince) Salie - a maverick entrepreneur with unlimited ambition and endless dreams. Watching ships traverse through the ancient harbor, sparked his curiosity as to what opportunities lay beyond the shores of his quaint hometown. Acting on wit he decided to explore, embarking on a voyage that would soon become countless voyages plying his family’s gemstone trade to countries in six continents over the next seven decades. He made a name for himself as a pioneering international gem dealer of his era, renowned for taking Ceylon’s finest gemstones to the world.

Prince Salie took part in many of the great World’s Fairs and Expositions of the 20th century including the 1906 New Zealand International Exhibition in Auckland; 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco; 1926 Sesquicentennial International Exposition in Philadelphia; and the 1933 ‘Century of Progress’ World’s Fair in Chicago. At these monumental events he won medals and prizes for his captivating exhibits that comprised important collections of Star Rubies, Sapphires, Cat’s Eyes and Moonstones. The Dictionary of Gems and Gemology written by his contemporary and friend, GIA founder Robert M. Shippley, fondly referenced Moonstones as Salie’s Stone which he commercialized in the US. In 1933 Prince Salie gifted a collection of ‘precious Ceylonese stones’ to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago which forms part of the museum’s gem collection.


Built on the foundations of trust, innovation and adding value to the international gem trade, the descendants of Prince Salie - now entering the fifth generation - keep his legacy alive, continuing to bring Ceylon’s finest gemstones to the world. Exceptional quality precision cut Sapphires and satisfied clients have become synonymous with our business.

What we Offer

Offering fine quality Sapphires as single gems, matching pairs, custom suites and layouts; as well as bespoke calibrated cutting services from our state-of-the-art lapidary in Colombo, Sri Lanka - directly to you wherever in the world you may be - we are here to fulfill any and all of your Sapphire needs.